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Please allow up to 2 weeks after the end date of your class before you request a transcript for it. To place a transcript request, enter your folder number and email address you registered for the class with and then click the “Request Transcript” button. A transcript will be emailed to you within a few minutes of requesting the transcript.

BOEE Folder #: Click here to look up folder
Email Address:  

The transcript will be generated in a PDF format. You will need to have a PDF reader installed in order to open the file. Click on the icon below to download Adobe Reader.

If you do not receive an email, here are some things to check:

  1. Check your spam folder. The email is sent with a PDF attachment and could be considered spam by many email filters.
  2. Make sure your email account is configured to receive emails from It may be a good idea to add to your address book to ensure it is received.
  3. Verify that the email address you entered into the form is current. If the email address in our system is no longer current, contact Rhonda Plimmer ( ) to have it updated.
  4. Verify that a processing time of 2 weeks has passed since course completion. Information submitted for a transcript request is only recognized once course information is processed and in the system.
  5. If you haven’t ever taken a class through ISEA before, and a grade has not been submitted by the instructor yet for a course you recently completed, you will receive a message telling you “No match was found for the Folder/Email Address combination that you entered. Please enter a valid combination to receive a transcript.” As soon as a grade is received from the instructor, you will be recognized by our system.

If you have any other trouble using the above form, please contact Rhonda Plimmer at .


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